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Romance is the scene of this collection of photographs. Not only in it’s absorbing drama’s but the dreams of loving as the couple whatch it in ordinary life. The light that seems everywhere to open the photograph on the promise romantic completition draws the spectator in that promise. We stand in a relation of stillness within the image, with its particular moment in desire’ process of unfolding and spreading out. This series of photographs is about ordinary moments and the things that usually go without saying. The subjects, the photographer and the spectators of the photographs are then cought in the middle of an intimite landscape in which they can be lost or found, not lost enough,or happily found. These photographs are a travel diary of an artist tracking the familiar and estranged traces that desire leaves on the landscape. The world of erotic process is thus opened to a transformative but not negative gaze. It would be overeading to say the these pictures seek something sacred in the intimite, although they do make moments at the eye of the storm in which the sublime of sex, desire and love occur. It would be underreading to name them an extreme species of the family snapshot, or serious kitch without the velvet extras. But these frames of reference are unavoidadly there putting pressure on the images, just as they mark the people in them and the spectator of them.

La Fotografia Actual, Barcelona. 2005